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Gavras, Konstantin. 2022. The conditions and nature of europeanized public discourse – A multi-lingual QTA analysis of public discourses in Europe using the internet archive, 2016-2019. Open Access Mannheim Dissertation


Höhne, Jan Karem, Christoph Kern, Konstantin Gavras, Stephan Schlosser. 2023. The sound of respondents: predicting respondents’ level of interest in questions with voice data in smartphone surveys. Quality & Quantity. https://doi.org/10.1007/s11135-023-01776-8

Mader, Matthias, Konstantin Gavras, Stefanie C. Hofmann, Jason Reifler, Harald Schoen and Catarina Thomson. 2023. International threats and support for European security and defence integration: Evidence from 25 countries. European Journal of Political Research Oxford tba tba 1-22

Gavras, Konstantin, Jan Karem Höhne, Annelies G. Blom and Harald Schoen. 2022. Innovating the collection of open-ended answers: The linguistic and content characteristics of written and oral answers to political attitude questions. Journal of the Royal Statistical Society. Series A, Statistics in Society Oxford 185 3 872-890

Elshehawy, Ashrakat, Konstantin Gavras, Nikolay Marinov, Federico Nanni and Harald Schoen. 2022. Illiberal communication and election intervention during the refugee crisis in Germany. Perspectives on Politics New York, NY 20 3 860-878.

Gavras, Konstantin and Jan Karem Höhne. 2022. Evaluating political parties: criterion validity of open questions with requests for text and voice answers. International Journal of Social Research Methodology : IJSRM London [u.a.] 25 1 135-141.

Gavras, Konstantin, Matthias Mader and Harald Schoen. 2022. Convergence of European security and defense preferences? A quantitative text analysis of strategy papers, 1994–2018. European Union Politics : EUP London 23 4 662-679.

Breznau, Nate et al. 2022. Observing many researchers using the same data and hypothesis reveals a hidden universe of uncertainty. Open Access Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America : PNAS Washington, DC 119 44, Article e2203150119 1-8

Eichfelder, Sandra and Konstantin Gavras. 2021. Von der klassischen Promotion zum Graduiertenkolleg: Die Promotion im Wandel der Zeit. Borgstedt, Angela ; Eichfelder, Sandra ; Gassert, Philipp Eine Universität für die Gesellschaft : 75 Jahre Neubegründung Wirtschaftshochschule und Universität Mannheim Ubstadt-Weiher 233-235.

Gavras, Konstantin and Jan Karem Höhne. 2020. Evaluating political parties: Criterion validity of open questions with requests for text and voice answers International Journal of Social Research Methodology (accepted).

Gärtner, Lea, Konstantin Gavras and Harald Schoen. 2020. What tips the scales? Disentangling the mechanisms underlying post-electoral gains and losses in democratic support Electoral Studies (online first) Link

Wuttke, Alexander, Konstantin Gavras and Harald Schoen. 2020. Have Europeans Grown Tired of Democracy? New Evidence from 18 Consolidated Democracies, 1981-2018 British Journal of Political Science (accepted).

Wuttke, Alexander, Konstantin Gavras and Harald Schoen. 2020. Leader of the free world or pioneer in democracy’s decline? Examining the democratic deconsolidation hypothesis on the mass level in East and West Germany Research & Politics (online first). Link

Schoen, Harald and Konstantin Gavras. 2019 Eher anhaltende Polarisierung als vorübergehende Verstimmung. Die Flüchtlingskrise und die Bürgerurteile über die Große Koalition zwischen 2013 und 2017 In: Saalfeld, Thomas and Reimut Zohlnhöfer (Hrsg.). Die Große Koalition 2013-2017: Eine Koalition der “Getriebenen”?: 17-38.

Blumenstiel, Jan Eric und Konstantin Leonardo Gavras. 2015. Ursachen und Konsequenzen ambivalenter Einstellungen. In: Harald Schoen, Cornelia Frank, Thorsten Fass (Hrsg.). PVS-Sonderheft „Politische Psychologie“. Baden-Baden: Nomos: 413-438. Link


Schoen, Harald, Hans Rattinger, Maria Preißinger, Konstantin Gavras and Markus Steinbrecher (assisted by Elena Werner). 2017. Election Campaigns and Voter Decision-Marking in a Multi-Party System: The 2009 and 2013 German Federal Elections. Baden-Baden: Nomos. Link Reproduction

Invited Talks

Gavras, Konstantin, Jan Karem Höhne, Harald Schoen and Annelies Blom. 2020. New Avenues in Survey Data Collection. Investigating Linguistic and Content Characteristics of Text and Voice Answers to Political Attitude Questions MaSIR Talk, October 27.


Gavras, Konstantin and Lukas Isermann. 2022. archiveRetriever: Retrieve Archived Web Pages from the ‘Internet Archive’. https://cran.r-project.org/web/packages/archiveRetriever/index.html

Höhne, Jan Karem, Konstantin Gavras and Danish Daniel Qureshi. 2020. SurveyVoice (SVoice): A comprehensive guide for recording voice answers in surveys. Zenodo. DOI: http://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.4644590

Höhne, Jan Karem, Danish Daniel Qureshi and Konstantin Gavras. 2020. SurveyImage (SImage): A comprehensive guide for collecting images in surveys. Zenodo. DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.4280543

Data sets

Müller, Johannes, Konstantin Gavras and Lisa Hehnke. 2019. Twitter Data on the #MeTwo Movement. doi: 10.17605/OSF.IO/CV79Z

Conference Papers

Gavras, Konstantin, Matthias Mader, Tom Scotto, Stephanie Hoffmann, Jason Reifler, Catarina Thomson and Harald Schoen. 2020. Neue Bedrohungen, neue Sicherheitsarchitektur? Individuelle Bedrohungswahrnehmungen und Einstellungen zur internationalen Sicherheitsarchitektur in Deutschland, Frankreich, Großbritannien und Italien Working paper prepared for the AK Wahlen Conference 2020, November 13, Heidelberg (Online).

Höhne, Jan Karem, Annelies Blom, Konstantin Gavras, Melanie Revilla and Leonie Rettig. 2020. Open Question Formats: Comparing the Suitability of Requests for Text and Voice Answers in Smartphone Surveys Working paper prepared for the BigSurv20 Conference 2020, November 6, Utrecht (Online).

Gavras, Konstantin. 2020. Politicizing Issues in Times of European Integration: A QTA Approach on Political Communication in an Ever Closer Union Working paper being reviewed at the Online COMPTEXT Conference 2020, May 14.

Gavras, Konstantin. 2019. The European Common Security and Defense Policy in Times of Public Attention - Linking Masses and Elites Through Multi-Dimensional Communication Flows Working paper prepared for the EPOP Conference 2019, September 13 to 15, Glasgow.

Gavras, Konstantin. 2019. Understanding Public Opinion towards the Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP) – An Empirical Examination of Attitude Formation in High Politics Working paper prepared for the ECPR General Conference 2019, September 3 to 6, Wrocław.

Moreau, Christian, Rahel Becker, Moritz Fahrenholz, Konstantin Gavras, Navid Ghazayi, Lisa Hehnke, Verena Svenja Klar, Katharina Kloppenburg, Arndt Leininger, Johannes Müller and Friederike Preu. 2019. Implementing a Classification and Filtering App for Multilingual Facebook Comments – A Use Case Of Data For Good with R Lightning talk at the useR! 2019 Conference, July 9 to 12, Toulouse.

Gavras, Konstantin, Matthias Mader and Harald Schoen. 2019. Convergence or Divergence in Strategic Cultures in Europe since the End of the Cold War? - A Quantitative Text Analysis of Strategy Papers. Working paper prepared for the CEEISA-ISA 2019 Joint International Conference, June 16 to 20, Belgrade.

Gavras, Konstantin, Alexander Wuttke and Harald Schoen. 2019. Anführer der freien Welt oder Vorbote demokratischer Dekonsolidierung? Die Entwicklung der Demokratieunterstützung in Ost- und West-Deutschland seit der Wiedervereinigung. Working paper prepared for the Tagung des DVPW-Arbeitskreises “Wahlen und politische Einstellungen”, May 9 to 10, Mannheim.

Gavras, Konstantin. 2019. Voice Recording in Mobile Web Surveys. Evidence From An Experiment on Open-Ended Responses to the ‘Final Comment’. Working paper prepared for the General Online Research Conference, March 6 to 8, Cologne.

Gavras, Konstantin. 2019. Inferring Policy Preferences from Strategy Papers on National Security in Europe using (Un-) Supervised Machine Learning Techniques. ‘Social Science Data Lab’, February 27, MZES Mannheim.

Gavras, Konstantin, Matthias Mader and Harald Schoen. 2018. Understanding Support for the EU’s Common Security and Defence Policy. Working paper prepared for the Workshop ‘Understanding Policy Preferences Using Experimental Methods’, December 17 to 18, Mannheim.

Gavras, Konstantin and David Hilpert. 2018. Latent Scaling of Press Releases and Party Manifestos. Different, Different, but Same? Working paper prepared for the Manifesto Corpus Conference, February 1 to 2, 2018, Berlin.

Gavras, Konstantin and David Hilpert. 2018. Tracking Political Shifts During the Electoral Cycle - A Latent Variable Approach Using Press Releases. Working paper prepared for the Midwestern Political Science Association Conference, April 5 to 8, 2018, Chicago.

Book reviews

Gavras, Konstantin Leonardo. 2017. Book Review: Citizenship Agenda in and beyond the Nation-State by Martijn Koster, Rivke Jaffe and Anouk de Koning (eds). Political Studies Review 15 (4): 652. Link

Master Thesis

Gavras, Konstantin. 2016. Political Institutions, Party Competition and Public Opinion in Europe. How Institutional Constraints Shape the Impact of Persuasive Communication on Public Opinion